The Bartlett School of Architecture


'Fragile' designed and constructed at DMC London, The Bartlett School of Architecture

27 March 2012

Fragile - Mayfair

Constructed from less than 1kilogram of plastic, Fragile explores the delicate and the impossible. The project is inspired by the convergence between nature and technology which challenges the aesthetics and constructive methods of human structures and objects. Fragile is the result, a combination of biological minimalism inspired by natures structural efficiency and the fabrication of the impossible through the use of new Additive Layer Manufacturing processes which produce pieces of incredible complexity and detail that would be virtually impossible otherwise.  Constructed at DMC London, The Bartlett School of Architecture.


Richard Beckett, 31, is an architect, designer and scientist from the UK with a research interest in emerging bio-technological advances and their impact upon architectural and design practice. Aleksandrina Rizova, 25, is a Bulgarian-born architect and designer based in London, UK.  Her work is focused on structurally and environmentally adaptive architectural/ urban systems. Sarat Babu, 27, is a designer and research engineer at BREAD investigating heterogeneous materials in design. “Fragile” was manufactured at DMC London, part of The Bartlett School of Architecture.