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Dr Katherine E. Bash PhD success

19 March 2012

Katherine E. Bash, Nuveado: snow, salt, mountain, 2007

We are delighted to announce that Katherine E. Bash, a candidate in the PhD Architectural Design programme, has passed her PhD examination with examiners Dr Jonathan Hope and Professor Jane Rendell. Her thesis entitled Spatial Poetries: Heuristics for Experimental Poiesis was supervised by Dr Yeoryia Manolopoulou and Professor Jonathan Hill, with external supervisors Dr Beau Lotto and Professor Graham Harman. The thesis explored an experimental aesthetic practice of seeing and naming previously unperceived phenomena and was described by the examiners as 'highly original and fascinating', 'very intelligent and engaging, incredibly creative, and stunningly presented'. It was commended for its combination of techniques and practices where 'design is a key part of the method presented'. The examiners also noted that "the thesis is unusual, in that it enacts and exemplifies the proposed heuristics" and 'takes risks in working allusively and by gesture and example rather than the exhaustive explication and analysis which are more traditional'.

Congratulations Dr Bash!

For more information on the PhD Architectural Design programme, please see here.

Image: Katherine E. Bash, Nuveado: snow, salt, mountain, 2007.
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