The Bartlett School of Architecture


Bartlett students are amongst RIBA President’s Medal winners

6 December 2012

Outstanding work by Martin Tang, Mathew Leung and Brook Lin from the Bartlett School of Architecture has been recognised in this year's RIBA President’s Medal Student awards.

RIBA Award Martin Tang

The Dissertation Medal was awarded to MArch Unit 17 student Mathew Leung. The judges considered this a highly accomplished piece of work on the development of Chinese style within a major Japanese city. Mathew was tutored in his dissertation by Professor Murray Fraser.

The Serjeant Award for Excellence in Drawing at Part 2 went to former MArch Architecture Unit 10 student Martin Tang for 'Manual for Eternal Autumnal Micro-climates: re-imagining Kyoto as the city of a thousand autumns' (pictured). Martin was tutored by Professor CJ Lim and Bernd Felsinger.

Brook Lin from BSc Architecture Unit 4 was awarded the RIBA Donaldson Medal. The winner of this medal is selected by the Bartlett School of Architecture to the student who graduates top of the class at Part I. Brook was tutored by Ana Monrabal Cook and Luke Pearson.

The annual RIBA President’s Medals, which date back to 1836, reward talent and excellence in the study of architecture. Each year the RIBA invites approximately 300 schools of architecture from over 60 countries to nominate design projects and dissertations produced by their students. The awards are divided up into Bronze, Silver and Dissertation medals.

The judging panel this year included Oliver Richards from ORMS, Anna Liu from Tonkin Liu and Chris Wilkinson from Wilkinson Eyre Architects.

RIBA president Angela Brady said: “2012 has been a record-breaking year for the RIBA President’s Medals with the highest number of entries ever in the 176 year history of the awards. It is an honour to present these awards to the future trailblazers of the architecture profession.”

For a full listing of all the entries submitted to the awards, visit www.presidentsmedals.com