The Bartlett School of Architecture


Alumni Design Wayfinding Structures for the Olympic Park

21 August 2012

Surface Architects Wayfinding Structures for London 2012

Surface Architects, an architectural practice directed by Bartlett School of Architecture alumnus Richard Scott, have been appointed by LOCOG to design a family of wayfinding structures for the 2012 Olympic Park.

The structures (pictured above) combine historic vectors and iconic influences into a highly distinctive design that fits LOCOG’s original ‘look and feel’ brief. Each form incorporates LED backlighting, creating a field of glowing beacons across the Stratford Park.

Six 7m high zone beacons, five 15m high major beacons and two 12m high entrance gantries were constructed from sustainably sourced fabrics and will be dismantled, recycled and reused post Games.

The high profile project was led by Sam McElhinney, a former student and tutor at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Read more about Surface Architects at http://surfacearchitects.com