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Claudia Cortes Herrera and Danniella Vizcarra Barra

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Lumina is a modular and scalable light installation comprising multiple interactive units, the aim of which is to generate distinctly affective atmospheres and a sense of presence in those who engage with it. Suspended above the users, each unit casts light into the space below, creating a boundary that is defined and augmented by the movement of their bodies. The intensity, colour and shape of the boundary is modified when the users extend their limbs towards, and retract away from, their maximum scope. 

Lumina seeks to better understand how the variation of visual stimuli in response to user movement generates differences in the perceptions of their surroundings. It also encourages users to explore movements beyond the range they might ordinarily experience. Left without direct user interaction, the instruments display a passive behaviour in which the speed of motion is modified over the course of time. The interactive relationships between movement and light are aimed at heightening awareness of the sensory-kinetic basis of embodied experience. 

Lumina by Claudia Cortes Herrera and Danniella Vizcarra Barra

Image: Lumina, by Claudia Cortes Herrera and Danniella Vizcarra Barra