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Live The Life You Have Always Imagined

Pranati Reddy Satti

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Rapid development due to the rapid influx of capital brings with it rapid marketing. The relation between the three is an endless loop, operating at such a speed that the content of a marketing campaign bears little relevance to the present. 

Live The Life You Have Always Imagined tries to show the different perceptions and preconceptions developers have of the same area and their varying ideas for shaping it to best suit their desired investors. This interest is addressed through pre-recorded audio tours, the content and language of which, is derived from each developer’s marketing materials.

The tour can be accessed by scanning a QR code at every stop on the route of the 196 bus from Wandsworth to Elephant and Castle in South London, and by a car driving from Nanakramguda to Nekhampur in Hyderabad. 

At the end of the audio tours, guided-walk books lead the audience through the same sites but in the opposite direction. Unlike the audio tours which discuss the future’s perfect visions for the sites, the books remain true to their surroundings, trying to record them at exactly this moment in time. 

Live The Life You Have Always Imagined addresses problems that are global, and so each element can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a web link. While the audio tours and guided-walk books work best cumulatively and onsite, for someone reading and listening to them offsite the context they set out will still raise awareness of the contribution of marketing towards the housing crisis.