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Qiuyan Da and Jingcheng Xie

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Developed as an open source personal robotics system, individuals are able to realise customised relationships with their own I.F.L.Y. drones. Taking the form of an autonomous flying balloon, each I.F.L.Y. robot interacts with humans according to their pre-programmed algorithms. Customised behaviours give each robot the illusion of its own unique personality, allowing it to be perceived as a living entity capable of developing emotional bonds and relationships.

These human-robot interactions are recorded in real-time and used to shape a virtual environment, with their movements creating a 3D sculpture in virtual space representative of human-robot relationships. The project was developed with the hope of sparking conversations into potential ways in which robots can enrich our lives and environments, picturing a future where robots and humans live together. 

I.F.L.Y. by Qiuyan Da and Jingcheng Xie

Image: I.F.L.Y. by Qiuyan Da and Jingcheng Xie