The Bartlett School of Architecture


Engineering & Architectural Design Equinox Festival

21 March 2024–22 March 2024, 12:00 pm–12:00 pm


First-year Engineering & Architectural Design MEng students will exhibit 11 temporary pavilions at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

This event is free.

Event Information

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Barbara Andrade Zandavali


Alfred's Meadow
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
E15 2HB
United Kingdom


First-year students from Engineering & Architectural Design MEng (ARB/RIBA Part 1 CIBSE JBM) will exhibit 11 temporary pavilions to celebrate the Equinox Festival – Architecture of Rebirth and Renewal.

These projects are a culmination of their Design Make Live module, which is a microcosm for the construction industry and serves as a test bed for more detailed individual learning and critical inquiry. The pavilions will perform and test engineering and architectural ideas to their limits and are open to the public at Alfred’s Meadow in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The project will take place on 21 and 22 of March with the projects’ installation and reviews during the day and a celebration and project documentation in the evening. 

Exhibiting Students

1. Mission Impossbile 

Ishaan Priyadarshi, Ling Leelarasamee, Amika Denvir, Frank Zhao, Gabriel Lam and Zoe Chen.

2. Interference 

Bianca Daniele, Lisa Bianchi, David de Wolff, Angela Abo, Adriana Trueba and Guangwei Li.

Tutors: Bedir Bekar, Klaas de Rycke and Luke Lowings.


3. Equinox Disco Pavilion 

Gruff Justice, Trevor Yu, Terry Zhong, Maria Maciejewska, Mingyu Ren and Cynthia Chen. 

4. Liminal Projection 

Aishah Maqbool, Rebecca Hood, Boniface Fraikin, Crystal Lee, Defne Yalcinkaya and Chentao Zhao.

Tutors: Dave Edwards, Melis Van Den Berg, Maria Morata and Daniel Linham.


5. Self-Orchestrated  

Alexander Chammas, Jack Liang, Carroll Luk, Amelia Semkowicz, Maren Li, Maudie Miles and Estera Bita. 

6. Empathy 

Ahmed Soussi, Alex Kang, Greta Yue, Khadija Ahmed, Siyu Liu and Shayna Naik.

Tutors: Jeet Das, David Gardener and Michael Wagner 


7. Reaping 

Hansini Kammila, Omar Gamil Dawoud, Bisni Khaibakh, Sude Iseri, Dohun Kim and Jianing Xu.

8. Sowing 

Ella Au, Alec de Trogoff, Romesa Kashif, Emilia Santamaria-Crew, Dawid Sowul and Dora Zhao.

Tutors: Annecy Attlee, Jack Hardy, Oliver Houchell


9. The Swirl 

Shahir Jadhakhan, Delphine Damiens, Rhea Kochhar, Lila Acanal, Ann Stevens and Rhys Williams.

10. Engineers of the Ephemeral 

Thomas Wynne-Bärwald, Ivan Law, Dasan Matthews, and Rex Hau.

11. Efflorescence 

Claire Zhang, Helen Lin and Lookaew Yu-Prapai.

Tutors: Edward Tristram Scott, Christopher Leung and Synnove Fredericks. 


Join for the celebration from 17:30 - 21:00 in Alfred's Meadow. 

Getting Here

To reach Alfred's Meadow make your way to the Timber Lodge Cafe in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Image: Richard Stonehouse Photography