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B-Pro Prospectives Lecture Series Spring 2024

14 March 2024, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Ludger Hovestadt

A B-Pro History and Theory lecture series, highly recommended for Architectural Design, Urban Design and Architectural Computation students as well as interested professionals.

This event is free.

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Roberto Bottazzi


Room 1.02
The Bartlett School of Architecture
22 Gordon Street


The B-Pro Prospectives History and Theory Lecture Series offers a platform for presentation, discussion and theoretical reflection upon the links between digital thought, architecture, and urban design. This year's series of talks emphasise the key role computation plays within complex design synthesis and their cultural implications.

This series encourages and inspires the current student body and interested professionals, by creating conversations about topics addressing academia, practice and beyond as well as overall disciplinary concerns and frontiers.

B-Pro, or Bartlett Prospective, groups together five of the school's graduate programmes with a unique philosophy and shared approach to the future of design, architecture and the urban environment. The B-Pro Prospectives lecture series is organised by Roberto Bottazzi


08 March | 14:00 | Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto | Room 1.02

Deep Green

The book Deep Green by Ecologic Studio invites us to think about Artificial Intelligence as a slime mould, a spider web, a microalgae colony or a mycelium network. Like these organisms, the architectures and the landscapes envisioned and built by ecoLogicStudio embody intelligence in their morphology, material behaviour and aesthetic appearance. Consequently, ecoLogicStudio proposes design innovations that do not seek to extract energy and raw resources from the planet. They grow and evolve through the re-metabolization of waste or the filtration of pollution, in what appears to be a constant regenerative process, a new kind of artificial circularity.


Claudia Pasquero is an architect, curator, author and educator; her work and research operates at the intersection of biology, computation and design. She is co-founder of ecoLogicStudio in London, Landscape Architecture Professor at Innsbruck University and Associated Professor at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Claudia has been Head Curator of the Tallinn Architectural Biennale 2017, which she titled Bio-Tallinn, and she has been nominated, in the WIRED smart list in the same year. Her latest book ‘Deep Green, bio-design in the age of artificial intelligence’ was published in 2022. 

14 March | 14:00 | Ludger Hovestadt | Room 6.02

On Digital Architecture

Ludger Hovestadt wrote a treatise on digitial architecture in ten books, which strictly follows the model of the famous treatises by Vitruvius (De architectura) and Alberti (De re aedificatoria), based on the supposition that we find ourselves in a comparable situation today. Vitruvius and Alberti expressed the meaning of architecture in their eras: Roman antiquity and the Renaissance. Hovestadt has done the same for the present day, incorporating considerations of physics, mathematics, technology, literature, and philosophy. Hovestadt will present and discuss book one in detail: What is it, to be an architect today.


Ludger Hovestadt is Professor of Digital Architectonics at the Institute for Technology in Architecture, ETH Zurich.  Since 2018 he is a Visiting Professor at Southeast University in Nanjing, China. 

Image Credit: Image by Adil Bokhari for Studio Meteora (Chair of Digital Architectonics - Ludger Hovestadt)