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The Bartlett Summer Show 2023: Readings from The Bartlett

26 June 2023–07 July 2023, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

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Architectural History and Theory readings by current students from across the school’s programmes.

This event is free.

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The Bartlett School of Architecture

Listen to current Bartlett Architecture students read excerpts from their research essays, theses and dissertations, covering a range of topics related to Architectural History and Theory. Each session is curated to bring together narratives and readings under shared concerns and themes from four to five students representing a variety of programmes, modules and seniorities. 

The readings will be streamed on Instagram Live on the school's channel, @bartlettarchucl

No registration is required. Please see below for a full schedule of student readings throughout the Summer Show. 

You can catch up on previous readings on our IGTV channel. 


Monday 26 June, 16:00: Image, Place, Atmosphere

Karina Lacraru, BSc Y1
The Myth of the Potemkin Villages: An Insight into the World of Artificial Facades and Dystopian Urban Prosperity

Sally (Chunyi) Sun, BSc Y2
The Critical Lens: Filmic Images in the Practice of Architectural Criticism

Peter Moore, BSc Y3
How is the atmosphere of horror in H.P. Lovecraft's 'Dagon' informed by race?

Muse Praditbatuga, MArch Y4
Asia’s Sin City: The Spectacle and The Picturesque. An Observation of Foreign and Local Perceptions of Bangkok in Relation to the City

Wednesday 28 June, 16:00: Bodies, Space, City

Kanwulia Ilombu, BSc Y1
How Can Feminist Architecture Tackle Structural Discrimination in Urban Spaces? A Case Study on “La Comunal” by Lacol’

Nicolas Pauwels, BSc Y3
Out, Out, Out and Back In: Getting to Know Gay London through the meeting of Men

Hannah Simon, BSc Y2
The St Paul's Equal Access Project Phase 1: How is it possible to change the narrative surrounding architecture, disability and conservation?

Paola Barreca, MSc Y3
Activism as Urban Occupation: An investigation of how different forms of activism seek to inhabit and gain an equal ‘right to the city’

Friday 30 June, 16:00: Communities, Cultures, Contestations

Nadia Kwiecinska, MSc Y1
The "Hytte" as a mirror of the Norwegian identity: Recognising the role of small-scale architecture in shaping Norway in the 20th century

Hei Tung (Michael) Ng, MArch Y5
Contesting Ethnic Enclaves: Community Churches as the Social Activator for Young Hong Kong Adults in London

Cici Zhou, BSc Y3
The journey to Tianjie: An analysis of urbanisation of the people's Republic of China through the lens of funeral reform

Adam Bigas, MEng Y1
Weald and Downland Gridshell Building by Cullinan Architects

Monday 03 July, 16:00: Art, Ensembles, Memory

Valeria Miraglia del Giudice, MEng Y1
Case study: Battersea Arts Centre, architect Haworth Tompkin

Sean Louis, AIS Y3
The Power of Play with Lego: Spatial Thinking in Childhood and Creative Work in Later Life 

M. D. Michaels, MSci Y2
Eroding Modernity - the Plasco Building, Tehran, Iran

Ludmila Majernikova, MArch Y4
The (In)Accessible Collections: New Typologies of Art Display and Storage

Emilia Bryce, AIS Y3
Finding and losing yourself in the cabinet of curiosities: The disorientating post-pandemic reacquaintance with personal pedagogy and exploration in three London museums

Wednesday 05 July, 16:00: Ecologies, Democracy, Collectivity

Anna Williams, MSc Y3
The Architectural Model as a Democratic Tool: What is achievable through the physical model in terms of the democratisation, participation and sharing of knowledge?

Merle Nunneley, AIS Y3
The Alchemical Allotment: Transmutation at Sydenham Park

Toby Prest, MSci 
Urban Forest in London

Amy Kempa, MArch Y5
Thing, Parliament, Court and Field: Architectural Typologies Toward Agential Human Nonhuman Assemblies

This event has been made possible with thanks to the efforts of:

  • All the student presenters
  • Module and Subject Coordinators 
  • Dr Tania Sengupta, Director of History and Theory and Tim Waterman
  • Melih Kamaoglu, Senior Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

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