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Landscapes in Dialogue: Staging Urban Landscapes

24 January 2023, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Cannon ivers

Landscape Architecture MA/MLA are joined by Cannon Ivers to present this Spring term ‘Landscapes in Dialogue’ lecture.

This event is free.

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This event will be held on Zoom. 


Landscape architecture is a cultural project. In his essay Recovering Landscapes as a Cultural Practice, James Corner asserts, "The emphasis shifts from landscape as a product of culture to landscape as an agent producing and enriching culture. Landscape as noun (as object or scene) is quieted in order to emphasise landscape as verb (as process or activity). Here, it is less the formal characteristics of landscape that are described than it is the formative effects of landscape in time. The focus is upon the agency of landscape (how it works and what it does) rather than upon its simple appearance." 

This presentation will explain how urban spaces are increasingly used as platforms for artistic expression, installations, performances and cultural exchange and the agency of the landscape architect to define the precisely open rather than the vaguely loose.


Cannon Ivers (CMLI) is a landscape architect and Director at LDA Design in London. He holds a Master of Landscape Architecture degree with distinction from the GSD, Harvard. Cannon is a teaching fellow at The Bartlett School of Architecture and the author of the books 'Staging Urban Landscapes: The Activation and Curation of Flexible Public Spaces' and 'Planting Design' and the editor of '250 Things a Landscape Architect Should Know'. His professional work includes urban public spaces and parks and he frequently contributes to design discourse through publications examining 3D design and digital fabrication, spatial programmability, intelligent water design and high impact, low maintenance planting design.

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About the Landscape in Dialogue Series

Landscapes are always a work in progress and a collective work over time. Our ‘Landscapes in Dialogue’ lunchtime lectures are a series of informal talks involving practitioners and thinkers from landscape and a range of disciplines in conversations about work in progress, working methods, and the process of working with landscape.

Image: Credited to Cannon Ivers