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Bartlett Research Conversations: Patricia Rodrigues Ferreira Da Silva

24 January 2023, 4:00 pm–5:30 pm

war tanks in brasilia

PhD candidate Patricia Rodrigues Ferreira Da Silva discusses her research into Brazilian architecture during the dictatorship, broadening our understanding of the relationship between design and politics.

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After the Future: Architecture and the Military Regime in Brazil, 1964-85

Speaker: Patricia Rodrigues Ferreira Da Silva
Supervisors: Prof. Murray Fraser and Dr. Eva Branscome
Guest panellist: Prof Camillo Boano from Development Planning Unit, UCL  


From the early-1930s, Brazilian modern architecture was closely tied to political projects for rapid industrialization and urban development, helping to create Brazil’s image as the “Land of the Future”. However, after a crescendo in 1960 with the opening of the new capital Brasilia, the coup d’état in 1964 inaugurated an oppressive military regime which transformed official architecture. This thesis examines what happened to Brazilian architecture during the dictatorship, with rival visions either supporting the regime’s intentions or offering new forms of resistance. As such, the study broadens our understanding of the relationship between design and politics.

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Image: War tanks in Brasilia, 1964. Courtesy of the Public Archives of the Federal District, Brazil (public domain)