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Bartlett Research Conversations: Omar Abolnaga

29 November 2022, 4:00 pm–5:30 pm

Image: The disorder of order - Omar Abolnaga (2022)

PhD student Omar Abolnaga discusses his research into informal urban housing typologies in Cairo.

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(Un)Framing ʿAshwaʾiyyat: A Critique of the Discourse around Cairene Urban Informality

Speaker: Omar Abolnaga
Supervisors: Dr Clare Melhuish and  Dr Sophia Psarra
Guest panellist: Prof Camillo Boano, Development Planning Unit, UCL 


60% to 70% of Cairo’s population is argued to live in informal areas, known by the name ʿashwaʾiyyat. Urban research into Cairo has investigated this phenomenon by only focusing on the regions labelled informal by the state, overlooking a broad spectrum of other urban forms perceived as ʿashwaʾiyyat by other city stakeholders. Hence, this thesis will investigate alternative typologies and classifications of ʿashwaʾiyyat, which could be used to deepen understanding of the informal phenomena that seem to be embedded within Cairene urbanity. This research argues that the current academic approach toward Cairene urban informality, which only explores the state’s view, has mystified Cairo’s urban environment, disengaging urban practitioners from the actual needs of the people.  To answer the research questions, this study will employ mixed archival and fieldwork methods, generating textual and visual data. By so going, this thesis will investigate an under-explored facet of the discourse of informality, contributing to the field of urban theory while taking a step toward demystifying Cairo’s urban environment.

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Image: The disorder of order - Omar Abolnaga (2022)