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Having a Home - Meanings of 'Domesticity'

14 May 2021, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

House Block Interior

A live lunchtime talk exploring artist L U C I N E’s takeover of AUAR Lab's House Block in Clapton, Hackney, discussing and challenging the meanings of domesticity & family.

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This event will be broadcast on The Bartlett School of Architecture's YouTube channel. No registration is required.


AUAR is a research laboratory at The Bartlett, directed by Lecturers in Architecture Mollie Claypool, Gilles Retsin, Manuel Jimenez and Senior Research Fellow in Public Engagement Claire McAndrew. In partnership with Hackney Council, as a part of an exploration of digital approaches to community-led developments, the lab presents House Block, a temporary housing prototype in Clapton, East London from April — May 2021.

House Block is designed and built using AUAR Lab’s Block Type A modular housing system, and demonstrates the potential of participatory approaches to housing, where local communities utilise digital modes of production. 

Join us live on YouTube for this Lunchtime Talk between AUAR Lab, artist L U C I N E, Jasmine Wilson (Studio Wayne McGregor) and Mark E Breeze & Katie Kasabalis (Experimental 17, AA School).

The discussion is rooted in L U C I N E’s takeover of AUAR’s House Block in Clapton, Hackney, which seeks to challenge traditional ideas of family. This discussion will revolve around meanings of domesticity & family, as three 2-minute video excerpts from L U C I N E’s performance at House Block set the scene and provide a backdrop for the conversation.

Speaker biographies

Dr Mark E Breeze

Dr Mark Breeze is an architect and Emmy-nominated documentary filmaker who combines interdisciplinary practice (Principal, Spatial Realities), research (Founding Chair, University of Cambridge Sustainable Shelter Group), teaching (Architectural Association), and environmental design advocacy (Founding UK Sustainability Chair, American Institute of Architects). 

Mollie Claypool

Mollie Claypool is a Lecturer in Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture and the Co-Director of Automated Architecture (AUAR) Labs & Ltd.

Kate Kasabalis 

Kate Kasabalis is an urbanist, architect and educator. She is a Unit Master at the Architectural Association, a Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE Cities and the Design Director of Kasawoo, an interdisciplinary practice based in London. She believes that how, where and with whom we live and work is at the core of what cities are about, a principle that she explores through her work. 


L U C I N E is a transdisciplinary music artist that believes in using a cross arts approach to create unique, immersive experiences for people to enjoy and feel equal in. As a citizen of the world, they wish to retell stories of the human experience including their own, enabling them to express their innermost thoughts & feelings. You can tap into L U C I N E's world on Instagram @lisforlucine

Jasmine Wilson

Jasmine Wilson is a Director of Engagement at Studio Wayne McGregor. She develops, produces and manages Studio Wayne McGregor's learning and engagement activity. After training as a dancer she found her passion in teaching dance and creativity, and set up the Learning and Engagement department at Studio Wayne McGregor in 1999. 

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Image: House Block interior, by Mollie Claypool