The Bartlett School of Architecture


Summer Show 2021: Stories from The Bartlett

26 July 2021–06 August 2021, 7:30 pm–8:30 pm

Image: Madalina-Ooana Blaje, Architecture MArch, PG20

Architectural History and Theory readings from current students from across the school’s programmes.

This event is free.

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The Bartlett School of Architecture

Listen to current Bartlett students read excerpts from their research essays and dissertations, covering a range of topics within Architectural History and Theory. Broadcast on six evenings throughout the show, each session is curated to share narratives and readings with complementary themes from three or four students. 

The readings will be streamed on Instagram Live on our channel, @bartlettarchucl. No registration is required.

You can catch up on previous readings on our IGTV channel. 


Monday 26 July, 19:30

Postcolonial Frames

  • Tabatha Crook (Architecture MSci, Year 1) reading from A Post-Colonial Critique on the Narratives on Africa in Global Architectural Historiography 
  • Vitika Agarwal (Architecture MArch, Year 4) reading from The Legacy of the Indian Craftsman-Builder: representation of artisanship and cultural identity in Bijoy Jain’s Studio Mumbai 
  • Charize Orio (Architecture BSc, Year 1) reading from Le Corbusier's Plan Obus: Modernism, Colonialism, Orientalism 

Wednesday 28 July, 19:30

Land, Property, Landscapes

  • Jasmine Lam (Architecture BSc, Year 3) reading from The legacy of Terra Nullius on Aboriginal urban spaces: Redfern's subjugation and resistance 
  • Thomas Dobbins (Architecture MArch, Year 5) reading from Finding Multiplicity within a Landscape's Characterisation 
  • Carolina Mondragon Bayarri (Architecture MArch, Year 4) reading from Unsettling the PAI: Contesting the Production of Space through Subversive Property Practices

Friday 30 July, 19:30

Imagination and Representation 

  • Park Jin Chan (Architecture BSc, Year 2) reading from Describing Soane’s Museum: A comparison between analogue and digital representation
  • Gabriella Peixouto Bandeira Da Silva (Architecture BSc, Year 1) reading from The Bauhaus Game
  • Zifeng Ye (Architecture MArch, Year 4) reading from Crossing Utopic Borders in the Edu-Factory: An enquiry into the role of architectural utopianism today 

Monday 2 August, 19:30


  • Antonio Yang (Architecture BSc, Year 2) reading from The political debate of gender-inclusive bathroom 
  • Harris Mawardi (Architecture BSc, Year 3) reading from Doing Autism Differently 
  • Faun Rothery (Architecture & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc, Year 2) reading from A brief autoethnographic exploration of disability in the Bartlett 

Wednesday 4 August, 19:30

Culture and Modernity 

  • Julia Specht (Architecture BSc, Year 1) reading from St Mary Woolnoth: The Influence of the Churches of Nicholas Hawksmoor on Brutalism in the UK 
  • Shamsa Almehairi (Engineering & Architectural Design MEng, Year 1) reading from Qasr AlHosn, Abu Dhabi 
  • Yutong Tang (Architecture MSci, Year 1) reading from A Blend of Tradition and Modernity: A Case Study of a Bai Vernacular Courtyard in Dali Old Town since the 1990s  
  • Aretha Ahunanya (Engineering & Architectural Design MEng, Year 1) reading from Balfron Tower; Erno Goldfinger, architect, 1965-67 

Friday 6 August, 19:30

Architectures of Intimacy 

  • Carlota Nunez-Barranco (Architecture MArch, Year 4) reading from Tracing Tortilla de Patata: Multigenerational analysis of the making of Spanish Omelette as a home-making practice
  • Tia Duong (Architecture BSc, Year 3) reading from The Borders of 39 Thanh Binh 
  • Benjamin Sykes-Thompson (Architecture MArch, Year 5) reading from Overlooked Sounds: Reinterpreting Traditional Japanese Architecture as Aural Space 

With special thanks to Dr Tania Sengupta, Salam Al-Saegh, Peter Davies, Kirti Durelle, Philip Longman and Alessandro Toti.

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