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Space Syntax Laboratory Research Seminar: Jaesik Chun

18 June 2020, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Birds-eye-view of a room of people sitting at tables. Image courtesy of Jaesik Chun.

Architectural designer and spatial data consultant Jaesik Chun discusses his research on agent-based simulation.

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Sepehr Zhand


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United Kingdom

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Agent-Based Simulation for ‘Choice of Seats’: A Study on the Human Space Usage Pattern

In this seminar, Jaesik Chun presents a paper on agent-based simulation (ABS) developed during his study at The Bartlett in 2017. The paper, which was published at the Space Syntax Symposium in Beijing 2018, shows how the ABS model simulates a specific human behaviour called "Choice of Seats" which is the decision-making process of where to stay and sit.

Jaesik investigates how the model applies the "prospect and refuge" theory and the concepts of "personal space" in environmental psychology, as rules in an agent simulation model to duplicate human decision-making processes, as well as the comparison of actual mapped human behavioural patterns in space.


Jaesik Chun studied Architectural Computation MSc at The Bartlett in 2017, specialising in spatial algorithms and big data-based spatial analysis. Professionally, he has worked as an architectural designer and researcher for many years and has studied various methods of applicating spatial data.

Since completing his study at The Bartlett, Jaesik has worked as a Spatial Data Consultant at GBS – a company specialised in Location Intelligence. His recent projects cover a wide range of themes from solar energy estimation to smart cities.

About this series

This academic seminar series features researchers sharing their findings, discussing their ideas and showing work in progress from The Bartlett's internationally renowned Space Syntax Laboratory. Seminars are moderated by PhD candidate Sepehr Zhand. They are open to the public and attended by Bartlett’s staff and students.

Image: Birds-eye-view of a room of people sitting at tables. Image courtesy of Jaesik Chun.