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Space Syntax Laboratory Research Seminar: Fani Kostourou

11 June 2020, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Age of street lines in Mulhouse (1850- 2015), by Fani Kostourou.

Architect and urban designer Fani Kostourou discusses how urban street networks grow and adapt over time, through a systematic mapping and analysis of physical changes in their form and configuration.

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Sepehr Zhand


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Network Endurance and Transformation: Decoding Changes in the Street Form Over Time

Fani Kostourou discusses part of her PhD research, which examines the process and challenges involved in the diachronic modelling of street networks. Using the region around the city of Mulhouse as an example, she builds upon existing work within the field of space syntax and proposes a new workflow to model street networks and capture their configurational transformations over time in GIS and R. 

The first part of Fani's talk demonstrates the immediate outputs of the proposed modelling, the introduction of semi-automated computational analysis and the possibility to combine this with running space syntax analysis in R using the recently developed ‘rdepthmap’ package. She then highlights some of the findings of the research for the city of Mulhouse, exploring where and why changes have so far occurred within its urban grid in relation to formal and non-formal conditions.


Fani Kostourou trained as an architect and urban designer in Athens, Zurich and London. She recently finished her EPSRC-funded PhD at The Bartlett School of Architecture, which focused on mapping and measuring 2d and 3d morphological changes over time and across different scales.

Fani is currently an associate at the Theatrum Mundi organisation, leading on research, design and creative development. She also leads a design unit at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff University and mentors at the CANactions educational programme ‘Creating Homes for Tomorrow’

About this series

This academic seminar series features researchers sharing their findings, discussing their ideas and showing work in progress from The Bartlett's internationally renowned Space Syntax Laboratory. Seminars are moderated by PhD candidate Sepehr Zhand. They are open to the public and attended by Bartlett’s staff and students.

Image: Age of street lines in Mulhouse (1850- 2015), by Fani Kostourou.