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Online Event: Design for Performance & Interaction Work-in-Progress Project Fair

29 April 2020, 11:00 am–6:00 pm

Analogue Future, by Parker Heyl, Design for Performance & Interaction graduate, 2019.

Join this year's Design for Performance & Interaction MArch cohort for a presentation of works-in-progress on Instagram.

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Ruairi Glynn


Online event
United Kingdom


On April 29, students from Design for Performance & Interaction MArch will present prototypes of their work, including interactive installations, immersive virtual environments, wearable technologies and a wide variety of audio and visual art.

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Student projects

Bitmap Choir, Jaehyeong Yoo, Wei-Lin Chang, Miltos Tsakiris 
Co-network, Bowen Zhang, Jenny (Zhanyi) Xu 
Digital Isovist, Connie Huang, Juan Camilo Cabrera, Spiros Kapogiannopoulos 
E-COllaborative Generator, Yuting Chen, Tingyun Wu 
Filter Moment, Shiyu Wang, Scarlett chen 
Hegemony Of Vision, Marina Mersiadou, Amy Johnson, Abel Enklaar, Zoe Diakaki
Hive, Farzadnia Mohammad 
Hubbub, Shuyue Ren, Xuhao Yuan, Peng Luo 
Hypergesture, John Lucy 
In My Space, Veronika Bojic 
Invisible Dialog, Sijia Chen, Nicola 
Kaleidacousticon, Zexuan Qiao 
Lost in Translation, Alice Liu, Ravin Raori 
Media Killed Someone Today, Fei Han, Yu Sun, Chuoying Guan 
Mnemosyne, Antony Roch 
Mutating, Aijin Ying, Dongqi Li 
Polluted Sounds, Carlotta Bianchi, Jocelyn Murray 
println(human behaviour), Mahalia Henry-Richards, Stephen Henderson 
Project 3:42:58, Doris Deng, Bojia You 
Secret Rate, Hope Wei, Yuntong Song 
Sentient Tangle, Lynn Nie, Tung Yi 
Shifting, Bernardo Varela 

Design for Performance & Interaction MArch

This radical, interdisciplinary Master's degree teaches students to understand and design performances and interactive experiences, exploring the possibilities of designing in four dimensions, rather than three. The programme welcomes students from an array of artistic and technical backgrounds, challenging them them to work with interactive technologies to consider objects, space, people and systems as potential performers.

Image: Analogue Future, by Parker Heyl, Design for Performance & Interaction MArch graduate, 2018.