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Space Syntax Laboratory Research Seminar

09 December 2019, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Tel Aviv from Jaffa, by Stella Fox. Bartlett Research Conversations.

Stella Fox from The Bartlett's Space Syntax Laboratory showcases her latest research on the historic urban landscape of Israel.

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The Bartlett School of Architecture
22 Gordon Street
United Kingdom

Tel Aviv-Yafo: A Spatially and Socially Inclusive Historic Urban Landscape?

Supervisors: Professor Laura Vaughan and Dr Edward Denison

Stella’s research investigates how the tangible and intangible qualities of the historic urban landscape in Israel influence ways spaces are experienced, perceived, and understood to be socially inclusive. It is based on the identification of gaps in current theoretical and methodological approaches to urban heritage; namely, how characteristics of building morphology at street level shape the potential for social inclusion. 

In her seminar Stella presents preliminary results from a pilot study which used a combination of space syntax methods and urban morphological approaches to analyse the building to street interface in the most spatially accessible areas of Jaffa and Tel Aviv. She explains how her research approach, in tandem with additional methodologies, can reveal the potential for the urban heritage landscapes to provide for social inclusion, and how the research itself represents a case study for how heritage urbanism syntax can be employed as an integrative and comprehensive approach for conservation. 


Stella Fox is an AHRC-funded PhD candidate in the Space Syntax Lab, at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. She holds an Archaeology of Buildings MA from the University of York and a History of Art and French BA from Warwick University. Previously, Stella practiced as a Heritage Consultant at Lichfields, and she now lives between London and Jerusalem.

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Image: Tel Aviv from Jaffa, by Stella Fox