The Bartlett School of Architecture


Open Crits 2017

23 March 2017–24 March 2017, 9:00 am–6:00 pm

Open Crits 2016 at The Bartlett School of Architecture

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The Bartlett School of Architecture


Landings 1 to 4, The Bartlett School of Architecture, 22 Gordon Street, WC1H 0QB

Open Crits 2017

Architecture Year 3 and Year 5

Open Crits are open to all: staff, students and visitors. They are a chance to look at a cross-section of the huge amount of production taking place in the School.

The Open Crits are different to Unit crits in that they offer a wider audience the chance to witness and discuss the impressive diversity of ideas that intersect many Units simultaneously. For current students it’s an opportunity to have work in progress discussed by some of the most ardent supporters of the School and some of the greatest critics in the world.

The event has no influence on examinations; it is purely speculative and exploratory, and in many ways asks as many questions of the School and its direction as it does of the individuals and their projects. Critics regard an invitation as a pleasure, and past students who have taken part have expressed the same.

If you are not currently associated with The Bartlett School of Architecture but would like to join us for the Open Crits, please email Vanessa Eyles: v.eyles@ucl.ac.uk

23 March 2017 


  • David Bickle, V&A
  • Izaskun Chincilla, The Bartlett 
  • Peter Cook, CRAB Studio
  • Colin Fournier, The Bartlett
  • Amanda Levete, AL_A
  • Niall McLaughlin, The Bartlett
  • Josep Mias, The Bartlett
  • Paul Monaghan, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
  • Wolf Prix, COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Yael Reisner, Yael Reisner Studio
  • Catherine Slessor
  • Brett Steele, AA School 
  • Suzy Zuber, Open-City


  • Gabriel Beard
  • Thomas Bush
  • Jun Hao Chan
  • Freya Bolton
  • Man Jia
  • Ziyu Jiang  Isabel Li
  • Matt Lucraft
  • Edie Parfitt
  • Thomas Parker
  • Rory Noble-Turner
  • Dan Pope  Grace Quah
  • Ivo Tedbury
  • Peter West

24 March 2017


  • David Bickle, V&A
  • Barbara Ann Campbell-Lange
  • Nigel Coates, nigelcoates
  • Peter Cook, CRAB Studio
  • Colin Fournier, The Bartlett
  • Simon Herron, University of Greenwich Catherine Ince, V&A
  • Susanne Isa, University of Greenwich
  • Josep Mias, The Bartlett
  • Rory Olcayto, Open-City
  • Yael Reisner, Yael Reisner Studio
  • Catherine Slessor
  • Maria Smith, Interrobang
  • Emmanuel Vercruysse, The Bartlett


  • Hohgun Choi
  • Justin Chow
  • Peter Davies
  • Emma de Haan
  • Christopher Delahunt  Georgina Halabi
  • Juwhan Han
  • Georgia May Jaeckle
  • Hannah Lewis
  • Bethany Penman  Matthew Pratt
  • Cassidy Reid
  • Sarmad Suhail
  • Joshua Toh
  • Ke Yang