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Dance x Digital Arts | Performance Interactions Lecture Series

26 January 2017, 6:30 pm–9:00 pm

Bartlett School Architecture Event UCL Dance Interaction New Programme

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Interactive Architecture Lab


Rm 6.02

Dance x Digital Arts is the inaugural event of the Performance Interactions Lecture Series held by Bartlett's new masters programme: M.Arch Design for Performance & Interaction. It will explore the intersection between dance, art & technology with talks from digital artists Memo Akten, Mária Júdová & Andrej Boleslavsky, choreographer Patricia Okenwa and architect and graduate of Bartlett’s Interactive Architecture Lab Syuko Kato. There will be a panel discussion and Q&A right after the presentations, moderated by Ruairi Glynn (Director of the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett) and Carmen Salas (Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Alpha-ville and Independent Creative Producer).

The evening will conclude with an opportunity to experience Mária Júdová & Andrej Boleslavsky's new VR experience "DUST" developed while they were as artists in residents at Rambert Dance Company. It was produced by Carmen Salas, and supported by Arts Council of England 


Memo Akten

Memo Akten is a visual artist, director, musician and engineer working at the intersection of art and technology. Developing and appropriating new technologies, he explores processes of visualizing the invisible; extracting and amplifying the unseen relationships within images, space, movement, sound and time.

Syuko Kato

A practicing architect & graduate of the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett, Syuko's work explores the intersection between dance and spatial notion through digital technologies. Her masters project Fabricating Performance combined body tracking & gesture recognition techniques with robotic performance & fabrication.

Patricia Okenwa New Movement Collective

Patricia is an independent choreographer with 12 years of performance and choreographic experience with Rambert. She premiered her first commission for the company repertoire Hydrargyrum in March 2016, earning her a mention in Dance Europe's Critic's Choice 2016 as a new name to watch. Patricia is also a founding member of New Movement Collective, a visionary collective of choreographers in search of revolutionary ways to create work in unusual collaborations and challenging locations.

Mária Júdová & Andrej Boleslavsky

Mária Júdová

Mária Júdová is a a multidisciplinary artist interested in applying the choreographic thinking to practice of digital artists and vice versa. She is currently researching at FAMU/ Center for Audiovisual studies in Prague, taking a critical perspective on the common algorithmic approach to visualise the moving body. She is also involved in The Choreographic Coding Lab.

Andrej Boleslavsky

Andrej is an independent artist purposing technology in the fields of new media art, interactive design, physical computing and 3D printing. His work maintains a strong fascination with the entanglement of nature and technology. He has developed many interactive installations and lectured on open source software, programming platforms VVVV and Arduino.