The Bartlett School of Architecture


RIBA Debate: The Third Degree – Views from the Next Generation

27 April 2017, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Students watching the Open Crits 2017

Join RIBA Ambassadors Albena Atanassova and Vinesh Pomal as they are quizzed on their thoughts and ideas about the future of architecture and architects.

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The Bartlett School of Architecture


Christopher Ingold Building XLG1 Chemistry Lecture Theatre, 20 Gordon Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0AJ

This provocative event will encourage you to think about what makes an architect and to what extent can we mould perennial problems such as housing in a future dominated by technology. Our two guests will be forensically questioned and interrogated by a panel of experts and a voice of the future from The Bartlett School of Architecture.

Speakers and Panellists

  • Albena Atanassova, Architect, Scott Brownrigg and RIBA Presidential Ambassador for Young Architects
  • Vinesh Pomal, Architect, Levitt Bernstein and RIBA Presidential Ambassador for Young Architects
  • Hazel Joseph, Associate Director, AHMM
  • Tim Lucas, Partner, Price & Myers
  • Chloe Obi, Head of BIM, Bouygues UK
  • A student representative from The Bartlett School of Architecture

This event is free and open to members of the public: to reserve a place, please go to the Eventbrite website.

RIBA Events: The Third Degree Debates

This spring the RIBA is holding a series of events around the country. The idea behind the debates is to take key issues contained in a new book written by the RIBA Ambassadors and spark bold and thought-provoking discussion. The book ‘Retropioneers: Architecture Redefined’ contains a series of transformative essays, each of which explores a vision of what the future may hold for architecture and architects.

Join RIBA Ambassadors in London, Cambridge, Manchester and Nottingham as they are quizzed on their essays by an expert panel drawn from across the world of architecture and construction. You will then be invited to join the debate and give your views on how architects can influence matters that will shape our profession, our built environment and our future world. 

Photo: © James McCauley