The Bartlett School of Architecture


On Edible Cloud Nine

Pawimol Samsen


On Edible Cloud Nine is a multisensory, interactive and collective confectionery experience. Flavour – multisensory by its nature – is influenced by the visual stimulation of a dish, the scent it radiates, the sounds we hear and the environment that we are surrounded by. On Edible Cloud Nine integrates three of these multi-sensory cues – taste/flavour, visual/aesthetics and smell/scent – to create a unique sensory experience of eating candyfloss. 

This confectionery performance explores three curiosities: how multi-sensory cues can be a medium for individual expression and shared experience; how sensory modalities in food can alter or enhance a flavour; and what different engagements can be found in personalisation of flavour in eating experiences.

Candyfloss becomes a stage which accommodates a multisensory, interactive, personalised performance that is personally created by the individual and the group experiencing the sweets. Served on sensor-embedded sticks, the candyfloss is personalised for the individual through scent and visual stimuli in response to the individual’s emotive state, as measured through galvanic skin response.