The Bartlett School of Architecture


LOBBY No. 1 ‘Un/Spectacle’


12 November 2014

LOBBY is the first magazine in two decades to be produced by students at
The Bartlett School of Architecture. It is conceptualised after an architecture school, with its different sections responding to particular spaces such as a reception, exhibition space, crit room, seminar room, the lift, staircase, library and toilets. Each 'space' within the magazine caters to a different purpose, represented through carefully curated articles and projects.

LOBBY intends to to discuss and showcase work produced at the School, in dialogue with the outside architectural context and is committed to provoking debate and discussion where perhaps there are different views and perspectives, opposing aspects and even latent tensions.​ Issue No.1 explores the theme of 'Un/Spectacle' to discuss how the extraordinary can often become mundane and how the ordinary can become spectacular. Featuring contributions by Bartlett students as well as external figures, such as Bjarke Ingels (BIG), Jimenez Lai (Bureau Spectacular) and Sadie Plant 'Un/Spectacle' achieves a delicate balance between beautiful images and insightful text in its 130 colourful pages.

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