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La Tendenza: architectures italiennes 1965-1985-Frédéric Migayrou

Frédéric Migayrou

12 June 2012

Frédéric Migayrou, published by Centre Georges Pompidou Service Commercial

'Tendenza' is an equivocal term. It attempts to define a new movement, a collective of architects who invoke the memory and history of their discipline, which is in turn conceived as a scientific and autonomous domain. 'Tendenza' means 'tendency', a simple reorientation in order to refuse the notion of the avant-garde and utopia; in order to initiate a political and critical architecture engaging with the real.

This return to a trans-historical language that pertains to architecture, this recognition of 'postmodernism' as a global cultural phenomenon is condensed in the image of the Teatro del Mondo, this pavilion made of timber, a theatre floating on the Grand Canal and through the famous 1980 Venice Biennale of Architecture exhibition, titled La Strada Novissima, in the Corderie of the Arsenale.

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