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The Life of the British Home: An Architectural History

The Life of the British Home

2 February 2012

Aimed at both a public and student readership, this book unlocks the history of the British home, revealing how its layout has evolved from the Stone Age to the present day to cater for the very different needs and lifestyles of its occupants. From modest ancient dwellings and medieval merchants' houses to imposing stately mansions and modern urban estates, the book explores the forces that have shaped our homes and examines the attitudes and innovations of each age.

Edward Denison is an architectural historian and photographer and a teaching fellow at The Bartlett. Guang Yu Ren is an architect and researcher. 'The Life of the British Home' is their third book for Wiley, along with 'Modernism in China - Architectural Visions and Revolutions' and 'Building Shanghai - the Story of China's Gateway'.

For more information see: www.denisonren.com