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Health and the built environment

The Bartlett Health Strategy Board acts as a forum for people from across the faculty who are active or interested in Built Environment and Health research, education, and/or enterprise.

Principal objectives:

  • To communicate emerging cross-disciplinary research initiatives in and outside of UCL to colleagues across the Bartlett
  • To communicate information on the faculty’s expertise and activities in health-related research, education and enterprise within the Bartlett
  • To sustain and grow capacity in health-related research, and to coordinate health-related education within and outside of the faculty

Health and Built Environment education at the Bartlett

The faculty has three postgraduate programmes centred on health and the built environment, each with a different focus:

Logo for Health, wellbeing and sustainable buildings MSc

Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings MSc

This programme has an environmental design and engineering focus and is based at the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources.


Health in Urban Development MSc

Focussing on the Global South, this programme considers the link between development planning and health in institutions, infrastructure and the community, focussing on the Global South. It is based at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit.

Scanner room in hospital

Healthcare Facilities MSc

This MSc is aimed at healthcare or built environment professionals who wish to learn about the challenges facing healthcare facilities provision. It is based at The Bartlett's new Real Estate Institute.

Health and Built Environment research at the Bartlett

The faculty is involved in a wide range of research activities in this domain. These include the design, planning or management of healthcare facilities and projects; sustainable building design and the health and wellbeing of occupants; and, at the urban scale: public health and the built environment. A report which showcases a sample of these projects can be found on the UCL Discovery website.

Design, planning or management of healthcare facilities and projects

Research studies under this theme focus on social behaviour in care facilities, the design and planning of healthcare facilities, and strategic management of large complex healthcare projects. The common thread between these topics is the focus on healthcare buildings, which are investigated from different points of view and on different scales.

Projects range from designing buildings for people with dementia, with other expertise in designing operating theatres, or entire hospitals. Other projects focus on the management of healthcare facilities and real estate, including the use of BIM.

Sustainable building design and the health and wellbeing of occupants

A large proportion of research at the Bartlett investigates the effect of sustainable buildings design on health and wellbeing of occupants.  These projects focus on a variety of building types but they all aim at understanding and improving the living conditions of user.

Research ranges from studying the impact of moisture in buildings on health, designing and planning low carbon buildings, studying the impact of airborne pollutants in indoor environments and the impact of designing for a warming climate on energy use, health and productivity. Additional work considers the relationship between building design and human wellbeing, including active buildings.

Public health and the built environment

Research in this area focuses on improving the quality of life of low-income and impoverished areas as well as the wellbeing of urban citizens across the globe. The common thread between these projects is the study of whole areas and communities rather than single buildings or group of buildings.

Many projects involve collaboration with experts in epidemiology, to consider how the design of cities shapes patterns of disease. Expertise in mapping, modelling cities on the one hand, and in social anthropology on the other, exemplifies the wide range of expertise in this arena across the Bartlett.


Bartlett Faculty Lead for Health
Grant Mills