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The Bartlett Review 2018

In 2018, The Bartlett’s growth story has been about bringing together people, technology and disciplines – creating the conditions for students to imagine the radically different futures society will need to solve the challenges of this century.

The Bartlett Review 2018 image is a birds-eye shipping containers placed so that look like buildngs in a skyline
A 360 degree photograph taken in a built-up city

Short stories

We interview eight bartlett academics who have been forging connections between the built environment and how it affects the way we live in 2018.

A map tracking gobal movement using colour

Long stories

In each issue of The Bartlett Review, we commission writers to take an in-depth look at how six of our research collaborations are having real-world impact.

An image taken a dusk capturing the movement of a person and bright white lights


We go inside the anatomy of the bartlett to explore the big stories happening at faculty level, from collaborative projects, new programmes and buildings to 2018 in numbers.

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Radical thinking from The Bartlett, including: how the evolution of Venice offers lessons for the cities of tomorrow, why entrepreneurial states need innovative bureaucracies, and the demise of car ownership and the rise of Mobility as a Service.