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The Bartlett Review 2017

Published once a year, The Bartlett Review features reports, in-depth features and essays from across The Bartlett, UCL’s global faculty of the built environment. Discover the highlights of our groundbreaking thinking and research – and its impact on the world.

Review bricks

From urbanisation to automation, energy security to inequality, to shaping industrial strategy and economic policy, The Bartlett’s 13 schools, institutes and centres channelled a combined research fund of £12.2m in 2017 to resolve challenges on a societal scale.

Long stories

In each issue of The Bartlett Review, we commission writers to take an in-depth look at how six of our research collaborations are having real-world impact

Short stories

Read 15 short stories showing how The Bartlett has been forging connections between the built environment and areas of pressing world concern in 2017


We go inside the anatomy of the bartlett to explore the big stories happening at faculty level, including two new buildings, two new institutes and the year in numbers


Radical thinking from The Bartlett, including: how Eritrea reclaimed its architectural history, how drones are democratising urban planning, and why policymakers must recognise the heritage “industry”