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Working with languages - examples of jobs

Apart from the demand for language teachers and translators, people with languages are needed to work in almost any job where contact with people from other countries might be necessary, e.g.

  • finance - working for a company with a lot of business abroad;
  • language services - translation, interpreting or advising companies with customers from another country;
  • pharmaceuticals - sales and marketing;
  • technology - helping people on a helpdesk, technical sales to overseas markets;
  • media - working on multilingual versions of websites for different audiences;
  • engineering - managing projects in other countries;
  • social and civil services - providing language support at local health centres;
  • customer support services - in any business with overseas customers;
  • education - teaching in any sector from primary to university;
  • transport and distribution - responsible for delivering goods to other countries;
  • travel and tourism - with a holiday company as a guide or researcher;
  • fast moving consumer goods - marketing brands sold in countries around the world.

Source: adapted from Languages Work www.cilt.org.uk/languageswork.htm

For more detailed information

CILT, the National Centre for Languages - Connexions Factsheets

  • www.cilt.org.uk/
    These factsheets, with interviews with working people, give you a more detailed idea of what work is like in different careers using a language.

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