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Where are you going?

""Studying a new language will get you to:

  • new places
  • a good job
  • new friends
  • more freedom
Whatever your plans, a new language will go really well with a wide range of subjects.

Whatever career you are interested in, there are increasing opportunities to use languages.

"if you go to Spain and you suddenly start speaking reasonable Spanish, you can see the look of surprise and they're genuinely pleased - so I think that that alone, just the reaction that you get from people in these countries is worth it."
- Gary Lineker, Sports presenter, learnt Spanish while playing football for Barcelona.

You'll be able to:

  • learn about a country's customs, the history, the food and the music
  • make new friends and have the opportunity to travel
  • work abroad or expand your chances of interesting work at home

"I can't stand being fenced in, I like to be free. I have got and will get so much more benefit from learning a language"
- L.C. (mature language student)

Sources: BBC Educational Publishing Talk the Talk in Languages Work www.cilt.org.uk/languageswork.htm

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