Virtual Trip to Ertitrea


Eritrean mothers tigrinya   ertirean mothers from lowland Eritrea
Zuria is a traditional Tigrinya dress for women. They wear the zuria on special occasions.  

Luwyet  is a typical women's dress in the lowlands of Eritrea. The dress is colourful. They wear ornaments usually Gold or Silver including their nose piercing. Photo by Dawit Rezenè. under creative commons

babur   Asmara Mitsuwa steem railway
A destroyed military vehicle transformed into a train that can run on rails, to symbolise the efforts of Eritrean people in the reconstruction and nation building.    The Eritrean railway system was destroyed by the 30 years war. Eritreans rebuilt it from scratch using their own resources and knowledge. It is the symbol of self reliance and hard work of the Eritrean people. It's among the few steam engine railways working in the world. It has been a good tourist attraction for those who admire steam trains.Photo by user: Tivedshambo, under creative commons
Vulcano in Southern Red Sea Region   kohaito a historical place from Axumite kingdom
The Southern Red Sea region has the Danakil depression which is part of the Great Rift Valley that extends from the Middle East to the great lakes area of East Africa (Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania). In this part of the country there are extremes. You can find one of the hottest place in the world and one of the lowest points in Africa (mostly 100 metres below sea level). Photo by Dawit Rezenè. under creative commons   Kohaito is one of many historical places in Eritrea. It is a place in which Qeen Sheba bathed. The photo shows the remains of the building  more than 1300 years ago.
Eritrean highland typical house HIDMO   Hidmo is a typical house in the highlands Eritrea, usually built by Tigrinya people. Nowadays hidmos are no more built because they consume too much wood and contribute to environmental damage. 

Photographs from cc   http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0

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