Festival Eritrea 

Festival Eritrea is a cultural festivity week in Eritrea which was started in 1884 in Bologna-Italy by the Eritrean community in the diaspora. It gathered Eritrean communities from across the world to commemorate the then "Struggle for Independence". The first festival inside free and independent Eritrea started in August 2002 after which every year it is celebrated at the "Expo" in Asmara and in different major cities including London.

At the festival you can see and learn about Eritrean culture, dressing, dances, food of all the nine Eritrean ethnic groups and development works going in the country. The London Eritrean Festival 2010 was conducted in 2 -4 July 2010 at Edmenton Green.

Kirar is traditional Eritrean Guitar.

Kebero is an Eritrean drum


A common Eritrean dish with Injera,  Zigni and Vegetables

The Eritrean Coffee-Ceremony

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