Fourth year undergraduate students of Swedish in UCL, sampling some Swedish treats in London's Scandinavian Kitchen www.scandikitchen.co.uk

Who are we and why are we learning Swedish?

So what kind of person chooses to learn Swedish as a foreign language? Funnily enough, none of us have any family links to Sweden, but we all have our own reasons for learning Swedish. One thing that we have in common is that we all wanted to learn Swedish because it is an unusual and interesting language. Seeing as we are studying Swedish at UCL, we were lucky enough to get to spend a year abroad in Sweden or Finland, learning and speaking the language and getting to know the culture.

Swedish is a good language to learn as it isn’t that difficult for native English speakers and is much easier than languages such as German and French. Also, once you can speak Swedish you will start learning to understand Norwegian and Danish so you pretty much get 3 languages for the price of 1! Who could turn down such a brilliant offer? And you get caaaaaakes!

The photo was taken at a cafe in London called Scandinavian Kitchen. We had a special class there to eat Swedish Semla, a kind of spring-time cake to celebrate fettisdag (literally fat Tuesday or pancake day to us).