ABBA Photo: www.imagebank.sweden.se © Olle Lindborg/AFP/Scanpix

Famous Names

Do you know where ABBA got their name? They used the first letter of each member’s name!

A – Agnetha
B – Benny
B – Björn
A – Anni-Frid

Did you know the Nobel peace prize was set up by Alfred Nobel, the man who invented dynamite in 1866? The prize is given out every year to someone that has made a contribution towards world peace. Isn’t it funny that the man who invented dynamite gives out a prize for peace!

Pippi Longstocking
Pippi Longstocking
Photo: www.imagebank.sweden.se
Jacob Forsell/Scanpix

Ever heard of Pippi Longstocking? She was created by Astrid Lindgren, a famous Swedish children’s author and creator of dozens of other wonderful characters.

Photo: www.imagebank.sweden.se © Volvo Cars

Did you know a Swede won Wimbledon five years running? Björn Borg was one of the biggest sports stars of his era and is still well known today for his fashion label.

Can you name two Swedish car makes? Volvo and Saab are among the biggest car makers in the world and both of them come from Sweden!

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