Lithuanian proverbs, similitudes and riddles
(Lietuvių patarlės, palyginimai ir mįslės)

Patarlės - Proverbs

Lithuanian proverbs

Literal translation


Geras artojas ir su žąsinu paaria.

A good ploughman can plough even with a goose.

A good craftsman can do his job even if his tools are not good.

Nespjauk į šulinį, nes gali tekti gerti.

Don’t spit in a well as one day you may drink from it.

Don't spoil something you may need later.

Linai nesėti, o jau drobes audžia.

Flax is not yet sown and they are already weaving the linen.

Don’t be too confident that something will succeed.

Lenk medį, kol jaunas.

Bend the tree while it is young.

Deal with a problem at an early stage before it becomes too great to tackle.

Arklį pažinsi iš dantų, žmogų - iš kalbų

You will know a horse by his teeth and a man by his talk.

What we say reveals what we are.

Ant savo kiemo šuva ir vilko nebijo

In his own yard the dog is not scared even of the wolf.

It is easy to be brave in familiar circumstances.

Palyginimai – Comparisons

Lithuanian similitude

Literal translation


Sveikas kaip ridikas

As healthy as a radish

Very healthy

Girtas kaip kiaulė

As drunken as a pig.

Very drunk

Kaip du vandens lašai

(Similar) as two drops of water

Very similar

Raudonas kaip pomidoras

As red as a tomato

Very red

Baltas kaip popierius

As white as paper

Very white

Mįslės - Riddles

Lithuanian riddle

Literal translation


Su sparnais, bet ne paukštis, su kailiu, bet ne žvėris.

With wings but not a bird, with fur but not an animal.

A bee.

Į mišką eina, namo žiūri, į namus eina, miškan žiūri.

When going to the woods – looks towards home, when going home – looks towards the woods.

An axe.

Su saule gimiau, su saule miriau; Saulė kilo - aš mažėjau, Saulė sviro – aš didėjau.

I was born with the Sun and I died with the Sun. As the Sun was rising – I became smaller, as the Sun was setting – I became taller.

A shadow.