Lithuania mapIntroduction

Sveiki atvykę! Welcome!

Lithuania (or LIETUVA as Lithuanians call it) is a lovely little country on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. As the name suggests, LIETUVA means “the place where it rains, rains, and rains…”

When in Lithuania, you may meet someone called Mindaugas, Tomas, Linas, Robertas, Marius or Jurga, Ieva, Aistė, Gintarė, Goda

The Centre of Europe

Though relatively small (Lithuania is home to a little bit more than 3 million people), nevertheless it is still very important and loved by many. According to the French National Geographic Institute, the geographical centre of Europe is in Lithuania (54°54'N 25°19'E) which is 26km from our capital city Vilnius.

Image courtesy the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism

European Capital of Culture!

Moreover, in 2009 Vilnius will be not only a Lithuanian capital, but also a European Capital of Culture! Sounds interesting? Here is just a glance at what is being planned: www.lithuaniatourism.co.uk

O. Korsunavas theatre
Image courtesy the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism

Lithuanian Language

Lithuanians (lietuviai) speak Lithuanian (lietuviškai), which is the oldest and most archaic language of all existing Indo-European languages.

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