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The original ATLAS site was designed by Claire McAvinia of CALT, UCL in 2003. The redesign of the site was done by Angela Scott and Maurice Brown of UCL Media Services, Anne Morgan of Amendit Design Services and Man Yang of CALT.

Language 'Tasters': Contents and Artwork

ATLAS Arabic:
Content and photographs by Fatima Rawan. School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

ATLAS Czech:
Content by David Short, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL.

ATLAS Danish:
Content and photographs by Jannie Roed, formerly Scandinavian Studies, UCL; additional content by Allan Kristensen, Scandinavian Studies, University of Edinburgh. Original artwork by Sally Perry.

ATLAS Dutch:
Text produced by Christine Sas (c.sas@ucl.ac.uk) and Nick Piercey (the football page). Sound, kindly provided by Martijn de Rouw and Jonna van den Berg.
Photos, many thanks to: Dutch Tourist Board (holland.com, NBTC), Marketing Den Haag, Bartruff, Museum van Bommel van Dam, Esther Veldhuizen, Rebecca Mills, Nick Piercey, Christine Sas, Hema nl and Fred Ernst. Chest of Drawers for droog by Tejo Remy, photgrapher Gerard van Hees.

ATLAS Greek:
Content by Polymnia Tsagouria, Greek and Latin Department, UCL.

ATLAS Hebrew:
Content by Matan Barak, PhD student, Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, UCL. Many thanks to Miki Shalom, Dafna Kron and Noa Zamir for their help in devising and recording Hebrew material. Thanks also to the Israeli Tourist Board, for permission to use images from www.goisrael.com 

ATLAS Hindi:
Content and photographs by Naresh Sharma, School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Audio recordings by Naresh Sharma and Kshama Pandey.

ATLAS Japanese:
Content and some photographs by Hisaka Bunting, teacher of Japanese in Newstead Wood School, Orpington and thanks to her students for  all the  manga drawings by Olivia Braddock, for the “Music” content by Lana Alia Shukir; and for the “Young Fashion ”content by Florence Roseberry-Haynes. “My Year in Tokyo” - content and photos by Leo Morgan student in SOAS. Thanks to the Japanese National Tourist Organisation (JNTO) for many images. See http://japan-photo.jnto.go.jp/eng/index.php . Thanks for the Asimo image to Good Relations, www.goodrelations.co.uk. Further photos by Mrs Hatsune Kajikawa, Mrs Kumiko Fukihara, and Mr Shigemi Matsunaga.

ATLAS Lithuanian:
Contents by Jurgita Azhar, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL. Photographs by the author with additional images courtesy of the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism. Thanks also to www.fiba.com and www.fibaeurope.com for material on basketball.

ATLAS Mandarin:
Content by Shaomin Li, Teacher of Mandarin, UCL and SOAS Language Centres. First Impressions, content and photos by students of William Ellis School Camden

ATLAS Polish:
Content by Dr Dorota Holowiak, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL.

ATLAS Portuguese:
Content by Maria Gilham, Portuguese Teacher. Original artwork by José Franca.

ATLAS Russian:
Content, original artwork and photographs by Dr Lydia Buravova, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL. Additional photographs for the Picture Gallery kindly supplied by Dr Jonathan D. Oldfield, Associate member Centre for Russian and East European Studies, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham; and Sally Smerdon, Graduate Student.

ATLAS Swedish:
Content by fourth year undergraduate students, Lenka Hewardova, Lorna Harper, Marianne Kell, Nicky Small, Tuuli Laitinen and their tutor, Annika Lindskog of the School of Scandinavian Studies, UCL. Thanks also to the Swedish Tourist Board, http://www.visitsweden.com/sweden/ for permission to use images from imagebank@sweden.se

ATLAS Tigrinya:
Thanks to Mesghina Tedla, the Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching, UCL, for the text and images. Thanks also to Creative Commons (http://creativecommons.org/) for additional, attributed, images.

ATLAS Turkish:
Content by Mrs Nil Okan Paniguian, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Nil wishes to thank the following friends, students and especially www.gototurkey.co.uk site for allowing her to use their photographs, audio clips and web pages:
Anatolia Vick (web page model), Rebecca Erol (Professional Photographer), Jasmine Taranto (Photographer) and Graham Smith.

Content and photographs by Naresh Sharma, School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Additional photographs by Aiyaz Ahmed and John McInnes. Thanks to Vivek Gupta for the photographs of the calligraphy and to Syed Azeem Haider Jafri for permission to use the calligraphy video. Thanks to the actors in the videos: John McInnes, Angela Reddy and Kshama Pandey.

ATLAS Yoruba:
Content by Dr. Derin Balogun, Top Image Consulting Ltd and UCL Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching.

Additional content and graphics for the sections Where are you going? by Terry King, and for all remaining sections by Claire McAvinia. The separate project website was developed by Dr Jane Hughes.

Technical Development

Technical development of the taster site was by Claire McAvinia with additional work by Terry King, Jannie Roed, Allan Kristensen, and Dr Lydia Buravova.