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Shaodan Dai Testimonial

Being a UCL student means you have the chance to be exposed to state-of-the-art technology, experienced and venerable professors, well-organized courses and a bunch of bright and intelligent friends. If you say these are just essentials for a world-leading university, then what makes UCL different from others is its care for students. UCL cares about students and cares about each student. From my application to the end of this semester, I was taken great care of.

In particular, I feel lucky to be part of the BASc family and I met a lot of great people while studying at UCL. They are young people who have opinions, ambitions and a sense of responsibility towards their country and community. Through them, I saw a better me in myself. I had many happy hours at UCL; in the BASc Common Room, at Doughnuts with the Director, at the BASc Summer Party, on the Core Courses - all these are just too precious to forget.

One of the four modules I took was 'Law in Action'. While it was highly challenging for a student who had little knowledge about jurisprudence, it was a fascinating and highly informative course. I felt excited every time we were given a lecture and curious about what was to be learned in the next one. I especially like the moot court practice at the end of the course. It gave us a chance to put what we had learned into practice. Our team won a landslide victory in the trial!

Another highlight of my time at UCL was taking part in the Global Citizenship Programme. It only lasted for 10 days but inspired me enormously. We talked about global challenges and tried to find creative solutions for them. During this time, I learned more about social enterprises and started to develop an interest in this are. I believe this may have a profound influence on my future career.

Off campus, I took part in many volunteering events, including volunteering as a translator for the 2016 Walk for Truce campaign initiated by Lord Bates, the Minister of State.