Arts Sciences


Dr Thomas Kador

Thomas is Lecturer in Creative Health on the UCL Arts & Sciences (BASc) programme with a background in archaeology and chemical engineering. His research and pedagogical interest include object-based learning, culture, health and wellbeing, public and community-based approaches to heritage as well as everyday practice – especially movement, mobility and migration – in prehistory. He has lectured and published extensively on all of these topics, including two book books, one (together with Jim Leary) on movement and mobility in Neolithic Europe, and the other (together with Helen Chatterjee) on object-based learning and wellbeing. Thomas currently leads a research project on student wellbeing and experiential learning spaces and, in addition to the modules below, has been closely involved in the development of the MASc Creative Health.


Thomas is joint module convenor for BASC0004 Object Lessons: Communicating Knowledge through Collections and MASc modules BASC0030 Arts, Nature and Wellbeing: Non-Clinical Interventions in Health, BASC0050 Dissertation Project and BASC0051 Lived Experience in Policy, Practice and Research