Arts Sciences


Prof Tim Jordan

Tim Jordan is Professor of Digital Cultures and Head of UCL Arts and Sciences Department. He has a long record of research on the social and cultural meaning of digital and internet socio-technologies. His current research project is to explore the nature of information through a range of case studies each of which is focused on the way information operates. In previous research, he published the book The Digital Economy (Polity) in 2020 and his work prior to that was on the politics of information (Information Politics, Pluto). He has recently collaborated on work about ethical consumption activism on line and the connections between digital economy research and cultural and creative industries research. Tim has interests in online gaming, hacking, hacktivism, and the digital economy. He also has interests in relation to popular protest and social movements and the experience of ‘being in the zone’. He has published 12 books and numerous articles. Tim has been Head of School (Media, Film and Music) at the University of Sussex, Head of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at Kings College London and Head of Sociology at the Open University. 


Tim is the convenor of the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences. He is coconvenor and part of the course team for BASC0001 Approaches to Knowledge and for BASC0023 The Knowledge Economy.

PhD Supervision

Tim is only available for PhD supervision in areas close to his current research project of information and its nature and in the following case study areas: corporate fantasy worlds (such as Disney); 3d printing, hackspaces and materiality; cryptography, NFTs and value; and, signatures and authorising identity.