Arts Sciences


Dr Yi Gong

Yi Gong is a lecturer in Interdisciplinary Quantitative Thinking in Arts and Sciences at UCL.

Yi is a human geographer with research expertise in spatial analytic and health geography. Yi integrates knowledge across disciplines and explores ways to understand the interactions between human, health and the built environment; how these interactions are affected by socioeconomic factors and the development process in the Global South and North. Yi’s work focuses on two themes (1) sustainable development and healthy cities, (2) Community resilience and vulnerability to hazards and climate change-related disasters.

Before joining UCL Arts and Sciences, Yi worked as a research fellow at the Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University and a post-doc researcher at the University of Manchester. Yi obtained a PhD from UCL, and an MA in Human Geography from the University of Liverpool, after completing her undergraduate degree in Information Engineering at Wuhan University, China. 


Yi is module convenor for BASC0056 Quantitative Methods 3: Models and Inference.