Arts Sciences


Dr Olwenn Martin

Building on an academic interdisciplinary background in both Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Environmental Sciences) and Social Sciences (Environmental Decision Making, Development Management, Environmental Policy), Olwenn’s expertise lies in the integration and translation of both fundamental and observational scientific evidence into policy. Her research focuses on mismanaged emissions of chemicals from the technosphere (processes, materials and products) to the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and ultimately biosphere (our living planet). She was one of the earliest adopters of applying the principles of evidence-based medicine to environmental health and toxicology, including systematic review and meta-analysis and socio-economic analyses. Issues of specific interest include endocrine disruption and mixture effects.

Olwenn provides scientific expertise to the UK Health and Safety Executive, the UK Food Standards Agency, is a member of the OECD Issue Team on Sustainable Chemistry and represents the European Parliament on the European Chemical Agency’s management board. She is also an active member of the Planetary Health Alliance and French-speaking Alliance Santé Planétaire.


Olwenn is module co-covenor for BASC0002 Interdisciplinary Research Methods and module convenor for BASC0079 Environmental Change and Disease