Arts Sciences


Dr Linda Anticoli

Linda is a Lecturer (Teaching) in computer science at UCL BASc. She is a theoretical computer scientist with a Ph.D in Formal Methods for Quantum Computing.

Linda's main expertise lie in the area of  algorithms, mathematical logic and formal methods. 

Linda has also worked in the fields of cross-cultural ontology/knowledge base design, which led her to develop a deep interest in STS studies. During her Academic experience, in either teaching and research, Linda has always tried to embrace interdisciplinarity between theoretical computer science, social sciences and philosophy.

Linda firmly believes that a good balance between science and humanities can develop better humans, and she' s also committed to provide equal education opportunity to everyone who is keen and curious to learn new things.

Linda is currently investigating what is the impact of new technologies on ethics and society, and exploring the connection between mathematical structures and social ones.

Research interests and projects: 

  • effect of pervasive, ubiquitous technologies on self perception;
  • impact of pervasive information on pre and postpartum experience; 
  • AI for endangered languages preservation (includes computational linguistics); 
  • quantum computing and logical structures (math, a lot of it).  


Linda is module convenor for BASC0040 Logic, Computation and Language Theory and co-convenor for BASC0038 Algorithms, Logic and Structure.