Arts Sciences


Dr Francois Sicard

François Sicard is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Science and Engineering in the Arts and Sciences Department (UASc) and a Research Associate at the Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT). He has a background in Theoretical & Computational Physics and Engineering.

Since his PhD in Theoretical Physics and Cosmology at the Sorbonne University (Paris, FR), François’s research has evolved considerably in its subject matter and methods. His research background has mainly focused on interdisciplinarity: from fractal analysis of galaxy distribution to conformational changes in biological systems and the design of biohybrid nanomaterials.

François’s current research focuses on fundamental and engineering aspects of complex dynamical systems at the interface between materials science, soft matter, and biology using the tools of statistical physics, molecular thermodynamics, machine learning,  computational physics, and high-performance computing. He is also interested in digital and blockchain technologies as innovations for improving how modern science is organised.

François is pathway leader for Sciences and Engineering on the Bachelor in Arts and Sciences (BASc).


François is module convenor for BASC0080 Computer Simulations in Science and Engineering, and module co-convenor for BASC0024 Final Year Dissertation.