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Slade Director to participate in “A Personal Gesture” art project

20 December 2023

Two people with piece of art

The Slade School of Fine Art is pleased to announce that its Director, Mary Evans, has been invited to participate in “A Personal Gesture”, an art project initiated by Dutch artist Rini Hurkmans. The project involves a sculpture based on a detail from Michelangelo’s Pietà in Saint Paul’s Basilica in Rome, which is passed from person to person as a symbol of empathy and connection.

The sculpture, which is a reproduction of the hand of the Virgin Mary reaching out to the viewer, was created by Hurkmans in 2020 as a response to the global pandemic and the social distancing measures that followed. The intention of the project is to pass A Personal Gesture from individual to individual, allowing them to reflect on the gesture and its meaning in different situations and contexts. The project also aims to create a dialogue about how we exist in relation to one another, especially in times of crisis and isolation.

Mary Evans received A Personal Gesture from Dutch lecturer, researcher and costume designer Carly Everaert on 4 December, and the piece will be kept in the Director's Office for a six month period, before passing it on to another person of her choice. During this time, she will document her experience and thoughts on the gesture.

For more information, visit the project website.

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Photo credit Jos Nyreen