UCL Faculty of Arts & Humanities


Education Strategy and Reporting

UCL Arts & Humanities is committed to delivering world-leading education.

We support our departments and a vast range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to enhance education design, delivery and assessment practices, while ensuring student engagement and equality of opportunity for all across the faculty.

We aim to:

  • Provide outstanding humanities education grounded in our research excellence through disciplinary distinction, a commitment to fostering interdisciplinarity, and flexible study programmes.
  • Improve our students’ experience by ensuring that all students, regardless of background, can participate fully and achieve at equal rates.
  • Deliver an education that enhances the employability of our students and to develop new synergies between education and graduate lives for the careers of the future.
  • Foster engaging learning communities and provide students with a strong voice in all areas of education delivery and planning.
  • Enhance opportunities for students to study across disciplines and to enable students to engage with the global challenges of our time.
  • Explore teaching design in a discipline-appropriate manner across the breadth of possibilities for on-campus, in-person, blended, and online teaching, ensuring digital capabilities are embedded within modules and programmes.
  • Employ transparent, effective, and flexible assessment methods within all programmes.