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Our partners

Find out more about the organisations partnering with UCL to enable our AI vision, and get in touch if you would like to contribute too.

AI partnerships
UCL is particularly well placed to take a leading role on the AI agenda; it is ranked  as a top university in the UK for research strength (most recent Research Excellence Framework) and is established as a comprehensive global university in a technologically advanced global city.

We, at UCL, also greatly value our many partnerships which allow us to push the boundaries and maximise the impact of new advances, and even more so in a pioneering and cross-disciplinary field such as AI.

We engage with partners in a variety of ways, ranging from funding ad-hoc research programmes to researcher/clinician collaboration. See below for a few examples of partnerships and contact us if you would like to discuss opportunities to partner. Contact details are included below for each type of partnerships, and you can also check our people's page for key contacts for each key area.
Commercial and technology transfer partners

UCL has a broad range of commercial partnerships, large and small, that help us translate innovation into practice and to exchange knowledge with a broad range of enterprises. Our technology transfer company, UCL Business helps us to translate UCL AI innovation into new companies and licensing opportunities with global impact.

Our partners include:    

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Our startups have included:    

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Key contacts:


Higher education partners

Working with other organisations in our sector helps us multiply our influence and tackle larger projects with multiple partners.

Our partners include:

The Alan Turing Institute logo

Key contact: Mirco Musolesi
Find out more: Visit the UCL and the Turing website

Sector-specific partners

Within each of the sectors where we think AI will have an impact, we work with key partners in those sectors both commercial and non-commercial to create outstanding research, teaching and innovation.

For example, in health our partners include:

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Great Ormond Street Biomedical Research Centre logo
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Key contacts: 


Training partners

We seek to deliver AI training at scale through a wide range of opportunities, including executive education and continuing professional development and our nationally leading Centres for Doctoral Training. In all of these activities we seek partners to contribute projects, funding and ‘in kind’ support that helps create a vibrant real-world AI training experience. 

Find out more about some of our recent CDTs

Key contacts


Policy partners

We work with a range of partners to shape AI policy in a range of fields such as privacy, competition, economic development, R&D, education, work regulations, ethics and intellectual property. Further information about how UCL is well positioned to respond to public policy challenges and opportunities presented by AI on our Public policy page.