AI for People and Planet


AI for People and Planet

UCL conducts some of the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) research in the world. Our vision 'AI for people and planet' seeks to position AI as a force for good.

Our vision ‘AI for People and Planet’ encapsulates our belief that the purpose of research and innovation in AI and related technologies is ultimately to benefit people and societies around the world, and to make a positive impact on the planet

This vision is a framework for AI research and training at UCL, and by extension our partners as well. It informs our ambition to lead on innovation and public policy on AI, within the context of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Grand Challenge on Artificial Intelligence and Data.

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Our vision 'AI for People and Planet'

Adopting ‘AI for people and planet’ as our vision means that UCL will seek to position AI as a force for good in the world through considering:

  • The human dimension - identifying how to use advances in AI to enhance or improve humans and their societies, and the planet we live on.
  • Inclusion and diversity - seeking to include marginalized, disfavoured or disadvantaged communities in our AI work.
  • Interdisciplinary - establishing and strengthening links between experts working on the fundamentals of AI and those working with similar expertise in application areas.
  • Open science - making code and data openly available wherever possible using the relevant repositories and licenses.
  • Misuse - identifying potential for misuse in our work or that of others, and seeking possibilities for AI to have a positive impact on people and planet.

Our vision flows through our research, education and innovation in AI and its related technologies - covering:

  • foundational AI in research, education and innovation
  • the application of AI in research, education and innovation
  • responsible AI, urbanisation and society.

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