History of Art


Dr Jess Bailey wins a Student Choice Award!

7 June 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Dr Jess Bailey has received a Student Choice Award for Excellent Personal Tutoring!

A white woman in a black blazer and skirt is smiling while holding an award, stood next to a white man in a grey shirt and black trousers

Dr Jess Bailey has been an Associate Lecturer in UCL History of Art since September 2022, offering teaching in the fields of medieval and early modern art and visual culture. She received the award at UCL’s Education Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 7 June 2023. 
Student Choice Awards are a way for students to thank a brilliant member of staff, and let them know that their hard work makes a difference. One of the students who nominated Jess for this award describe her as being ‘the most helpful personal tutor that anyone could wish for … From pastoral care to academic support and career advice, Jess has always given the most helpful guidance with genuine care and empathy’.
Professor Bob Mills, Head of Department, said: ‘In the History of Art Department we’re dedicated to supporting our students through all aspects of their education and Student Choice Awards acknowledge the very best work to make this happen. Jess has been a truly inspirational teacher and personal tutor over the past year and we’re delighted that her hard work and dedication have been recognised in this way.’  
Many congratulations to Jess and to Professor Tamar Garb for also receiving nominations for Inspiring Teaching Delivery in the Student Choice Awards.